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Celebrating 98 Years of Conservation 1913 — 2011
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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Canada Goose GoslingJune is the month when baby wildlife enters their new world. If you see a baby bird or other form of wildlife this summer, it may appear to be unattended by mother. But fear not! Mother is undoubtedly not far off. The best policy when finding infant wildlife is to leave it alone.

Your humane instinct is to provide assistance to this newborn, but in actuality, your intervention will surely mean certain death. Unlike humans, most wild animals grow and mature very quickly to compensate for the unforgiving world it is about to enter. Songbirds mature in less then a month's time. So, if you really want to assist wildlife this summer, resist temptation, and leave it alone. They've been doing it for thousands of years with us, and they'll continue to do so in the future.

If you find injured or orphaned or abandoned wildlife and are SURE that the parents are not around, keep the animal warm and quiet in a covered (dark) box with air holes. DO NOT FEED or PROVIDE WATER or MILK to the animal. Call a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator immediately.

NYS Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators in the Bedford Audubon Area:

Putnam and Upper Westchester:
Maggie Ciarcia at (845) 669-4687

Upper Westchester:
Valerie Palen at (914) 248-7241

Lower Westchester:
Joanne Dreban at (914) 476-1370

Lower Westchester:
Taffy Williams at (914) 793-9186

Reptile rehabilitators for snakes and turtles only
Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY and Fairfield County, CT:
Rick and Diana Lee at (914) 980-5281 or email

Photo Courtesy of and Copyright by Rick Paris

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